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Coming October 19, 2014 from Amber Quill Press

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Aspiring actor, Tyler Larson, works in his aunt’s diner both to help her and while waiting for his big break. He has a bit of a crush on a doctor who comes in that he has nicknamed “Dr. Hottie”. When Dr. Hottie comes in with another doctor, Tyler recognizes Jack Ridgley as a guy he’d had a hot as hell one night stand with. Jack claims not to remember Tyler but later Jack reveals he hasn’t forgotten Tyler either.

Since Jack has a long distance lover, they embark on a friendship only, but both men have trouble keeping their thoughts and hands to themselves. As Tyler’s acting career begins to take off, the guys get closer, and Jack begins to find Tyler too tempting to resist. 

Impossibly His coming from Amber Quill Press in 2015

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